Ring RTC1000 Premium review

Ring RTC1000 Premium review
Ring RTC1000 Premium review

Price: £49.99

What is it?

A compact tyre compressor from car accessory powerhouse Ring.

The RTC1000 Premium is a small portable unit that runs off your car’s 12V power supply and allows you to check and top up your car’s tyre pressure wherever you are.

At 22cm x 20cm x 8cm it’s a fairly small unit that will slip easily into even the smallest of boots. It comes with its own padded carry case and is packaged with adaptors for everything from bikes to airbeds as well as a pair of latex gloves and four spare valve dust caps.

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Ring says it will inflate a tyre from flat to full in just two minutes but unless your car was built in the 80s ignore that as it’s for a 13-inch wheel.

Ring RTC1000

It also features a bright LED to make life easier if you need to use it at a dark roadside.

What’s it like?

Simple and user friendly.

The unit is small and light but features a massive digital readout and a big power switch that make it easy to use. The dial for setting the pressure could be larger but the system remembers your setting so if it’s only used on one car it won’t need adjusting very often.

The power cord is 3.5m long and winds up into the body of the compressor, keeping things neat when it’s not it use. The air hose, likewise is plenty long enough and folds neatly into the side of the case when not in use. The light is a useful touch, as is the little slot to put your valve cap in to keep it safe.

Ring RTC1000

In operation it’s relatively quiet and impressively quick. Having tested it on a flat 14-inch tyre and to top up the family car, I can believe Ring’s claimed times.

The digital read-out tracks the pressure as it rises but it has a habit of stopping just short of the preset target, but it’s not the only compressor to do this. And it’s not enough of a flaw to detract from a handy and easy to use piece of kit that’s ideal for anyone looking to keep on top of basic maintenance at home.

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