'Exceptional' GCSE results for Churcher's College

Students hold their exam results in the air
Students hold their exam results in the air

Churcher's College students are celebrating 'exceptional' results today.

Churcher’s College GCSE results 2019 represent some of its best ever, the school has said.

A spokesman for the school said: "Once again the story is about gold standards; of children being richly and rightly rewarded, exceeding expectations both in the academic arena and outside it.

With the move from letter grades to number grades, which was finally completed this year, comparison with previous years is complicated but there are a couple of key ‘markers’:

• Grades 9 to 7 combined are equivalent to A* and A grade. With almost 71 per cent of all the GCSE exams taken Churcher’s achieving this level we are close to our highest ever level of success and certainly the best for the last eight years.

• Grades 9 to 5 are linked to A* to B grades, and, with over 98 per cent of the GCSE grades at Churcher’s this is clearly our highest level of achievement ever.

The spokesman addedfor the school said: "This year we have enjoyed the most extraordinary performances on the sports pitches, some of which have led to national trophies; we have been royally entertained by outstanding productions in concert halls and on stages; we have been awarded top accolades in adventurous activities, and rousing applause for our contribution to the community of Petersfield and now startling exam results.

"There can be few professions as rewarding as teaching, especially at Churcher’s; you are surrounded by the most talented, self- determined and charming of young people who as individuals are a delight but as a group, Churcherians are simply quite exceptional.