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Easebourne Primary School is to be moved to the redundant Midhurst Rother College building on Wheelbarrow Castle, it has been revealed.

The £1m relocation of the primary school’s 210 pupils is part of a major rethink of the college site, formerly the Midhurst Intermediate School, where plans for community facilities are also being explored.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has announced the primary school will move, next year, on to the site made available with the opening next month of the college’s new school in Midhurst.

A spokesman for WSCC said: “The £1m project to convert the former intermediate school site is scheduled to start in early 2013 to enable the relocation of the primary school.

“The decision to relocate was approved by the governors of Easebourne Primary School at the end of the summer term after local consultation with other schools.”

The £1m scheme includes security measures and improvements and amendments to accommodate the younger primary age children.

Informal meetings had been held, he said, with members from Midhurst Town, Easebourne Parish, the county council and other interested parties to discuss ‘plans and opportunities’ for the former academy site.

But until the primary school relocation was confirmed, no decision on the remainder of the site could be made.

Ian Heustice, chairman of Easebourne Parish Council, said: “The parish council has for several years been interested in any excess capacity at the Wheelbarrow Castle site when and if it became available.

“We still feel the same, although central and local government budgetary constraints will doubtless be a greater influence then they were when this process started.”

The primary school move leaves a question mark over its current site, leased from the Cowdray Estate.

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