DOWN MEMORY LANE Children had more freedom years ago

Ann Standen enjoyed the story about the newsagents in St James Road.

Ann, now living in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, writes:

I read about it on a recent visit to Bognor Regis. It brought back vivid memories of my childhood in Chichester.

I lived just round the corner in Oving Road and my name in those distant days was Ann Marsh.

There was Harmons sweet shop opposite Victoria Road and the fish shop was Godferys – ‘delicious chips straight from the newspaper’.

The Jones shop was nearer to St James Infants, as it was known then. I remember Tina (Christina) Jones who at the time worshipped at the Congregational Church in South Street.

I remember the fun I had on the on the wasteland behind my house which could also be accessed from St James Road.

There was John Dowling, George Farndale, Jennifer Patey and others whose names I have forgotten over the passage of time.

Jenni and I have, however, maintained our friendship since we went to the nursery in Portfield Parish Hall. This was run by Miss Posthlewaite when we were there.

I wonder where Myra Armstrong is now? She lived opposite Harmons and Mr Lummis, who used to run a little Christian group in his garage in Victoria Road.

My pen, as it were, is running away from me. My life may have begun in the war years, but I feel we had a greater freedom then which is denied the children of today.