DOWN MEMORY LANE Was this your year group?

The original photo published in the Observer
The original photo published in the Observer

SEEING the photograph of the class in the Observer, October 26, I thought it was the same as the one in our family album, but I was wrong by 12 months, writes Lyn Debenham.

My sister Ann Terry (1948-1982) is second to Mr Noone’s right.

Lyn Debenham's photograph

Lyn Debenham's photograph

The article says Roger Nash is in the published photo but we thought he was in our attached, very similar, photo dated 1959.

My husband then produced the second photo, possibly taken in 1957.

Although he was in the parallel class, he has included a few names from the past.

Back row, from left: ?? Boltwood, Roger Norgate, Dave Halson, Pete Bacon, ?? Marsden, Pete Stupple, ??, Jimmy Hollywood, Lionel Voice, Roy Phillips.

Middle row: Viv Smith, ??, Kenny Allen, Doug Porter, Richard Wiles, ??, ??, Alan Teer, ??

Front row: ??, Sue Whitworth, Jackie ??, Pat Browning, Mr Noone, ?? Bailey, ?? Griffin, ?? Rishman.

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