Game review: Fist of the North star: Ken`s rage 2

Fist of the North star: Ken`s rage 2
Fist of the North star: Ken`s rage 2

Well here we go again with Japanese Manga making yet another transition to video game renowned for the outrageous characters and over the top action.

Koei’s Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage 2 is the sequel to the original Kens Rage.

It introduces new characters and move sets amongst new enemies and stages and the onscreen action is trademark over the top, but is it any good?

Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage 2 grips storylines from the Manga comic books written by Buronson in Legend mode following an assortment of warriors from the comics but focusing more on Kenshiro who is the centralised character who battles a violent gang known as Zeed.

The gang is attacked and other members find that their comrades have been ripped apart from the inside; one survivor says the word “Hokuto” before he dies.

It is soon discovered that Kenshiro is the owner or the Seven Stars of Hokuto which gives him superior strength and abilities enabling him to stand ground and easily take care of hundreds of gang members simultaneously,

Zeed soon vows to take Kenshiro down along with this power he seems to possess.

This is one of the four storylines told in Kens Rage 2, enabling players to control a small number of characters each outrageously different from the next with their own particular set of skills.

The storylines are definitely out there and might be enough to keep interest, however it is dragged down by the hideously frequent loading times which ruin what could have been one hell of a game.

Then we have Dream mode which allows control of more characters to follow other stories from the Manga comic through a number of quests.

The gameplay is remnant of the Dynasty Warriors games, waves of hundreds of enemies fill the screen for you to battle no matter which character you are.

However, each character has attacks and combos like Kenshiros Hokuto Hundred Crack Fist which takes the bulk of the hundreds out at once which is fantastic to pull off.

These are signature moves which are each warriors most powerful attacks which are used using your characters Aura reserves which fills as you fight enemies and picking up items.

Signature moves are changed in game using the controller but only one can be selected at a time and are unlockable as the game progresses.

Special moves are activated by one button which are diverse crowd controlling moves for example Kenshiro attacks two sides of the enemies head which causes them to explode damaging enemies around them and Rei has a forward charge move that ploughs through the waves of enemies.

Overall, the game is extremely fun to play due to the assortment of attacks and constant action, but it is bogged down by the lack of strategy causing the player to button mash which shouldn’t be but is extremely effective... and bosses are easy.

Kens Rage 2 is typical Manga, each character looks oversized with wild hairstyles and bulking ripped muscle tone that you would only find in a Schwarzenegger movie.

The special attacks look seriously powerful and are decorated with coloured swishes and cracks that really add oomph to each attack.

The stages however are lifeless and bland and serve only as a background but who cares when all you want to do is fight.

Bosses are super-sized at times and look intimidating but in fact are really easy to take down.

The biggest fault that bogs this game down is the loading times, they come too frequent and are too long.

Let me tell you an example; A cut scene will consist of a 15-20 second long sequence then a loading screen for a minute, then another 15 second scene followed by another loading screen, rinse and repeat until its action time. It gets annoying quick but I urge players to endure to see the over the top exciting action this game has to offer.


Koei have defined the formula which make Manga so popular and have transitioned it to video game successfully with the over the top action and characters spanning unique and interestingly wild storylines, which is unfortunately pulled back by the frequent and overlong loading times. If you can overlook this you will see an exciting and outrageous action game that I really enjoyed.

I insist gamers give it a go but rent it first, as the loading times might be too much for some, overall a great action game.

Fist of the North star: Ken`s rage 2

Developer: Koei

Publisher: Tecmo Koei

Xbox 360®

Playstation 3®


Genre: Manga fighting

Release date: 8th February 2013

Story – 3/5

Gameplay – 4/5

Graphics – 3.5/5

Overall – 3.5/5

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