GAMES REVIEW: Sonic-generations


FINALLY, Sonic has risen above his plumber rival and burst back into the limelight with an exceptional new platformer.

To celebrate 20 years of Sonic, SEGA have produced a mind bending assault on the senses which, in my view, deserves to be nominated for best game of the year.

Sonic Generations taps into the good old days of Sonic with the chance to play as both versions new and old. Both are outstanding visually and spring forth from the screen in a flurry of twists and turns.

The story, which pays homage to Sonic of the past, revolves around the two hedgehogs battling against an unknown force trying to destroy time itself and thus both hedgehogs relive each other’s memories, which basically gives SEGA the chance to give Sonic a new lease of life and fill the game with 20 years of the blue speedster within one game.

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about playing this game as the last few outings of the little blue guy where a bit disappointing.

Also, I am not a big fan of platform games so I gave it a go and slipped it into the old console and was astounded by the graphics and the game play, and you can even turn the annoying repetitive music off which is a bonus.

There is an option to play in stereoscopic 3D for all you folks out there with 3D televisions but the visuals are so good I don’t think it makes much difference.

The way the game shifts from 2D to 3D as you race at break-neck speed through a level is truly an experience to behold, the way the game traverses the past and present Sonic games is flawless and very refreshing.

Each level is a multi-path race track containing many hidden emblems, paths and variety of different directions and ramps.

Of course, there is more to the game than just playing the levels, as you progress there are many challenges that are opened up and this makes for more mayhem.

You are going to get the Sonic purists out there complaining that there isn’t enough boss battles or the levels are too easy but, for me, it gets the big smile factor, which is what you get when you’re enjoying yourself .

Review by Dayvid Ryan

PS3, Xbox 360 ,PC, Nintendo 3DS


Age rating: general

Sega games

Release date: 04/11/2011