Nostalgia: Royal confusion and the French Resistance

Prince Charles plays polo at Cowdray Park
Prince Charles plays polo at Cowdray Park

A POLO official was left red-faced 25 years ago at Cowdray, after over-enthusiastically protecting Prince Charles.

Peter Gomm spotted a man heading towards the Prince.

Mauricette Ghoris chats with Squadron Leader John Mott

Mauricette Ghoris chats with Squadron Leader John Mott

The Midhurst and Petworth Observer reported the steward rushed forward to ‘warn him off’, but the stranger turned out to be King Constantine 
of Greece.

“I really didn’t recognise him at all,” said Mr Gomm afterwards, but said he apologised to the monarch and left both to chat about 
the game.

Windsor were performing well at the tournament, beating Greenhill Farm 
7-5 in a ‘fast-moving and exciting match’.

The paper wrote: “The prince defended well throughout the game and helped his team to a 6-1 lead in the fourth chukka.”

That same week in the Chichester Observer, Tangmere Aviation Museum welcomed a French woman who, as a girl of 14, helped a huge number of British pilots escape from occupied France.

Mauricette Ghoris, aged 61 at the time, donated the wings of George Barclay of the Barclays Bank family 
to the museum on her first visit there.

The paper reported: “Mr Barclay, a fighter pilot with 249 squadron, was shot down near her village in Northern France early in the war. She and her father, Maurice, a member of the French Resistance, hid him from the Gestapo until they were able to see him safely over the Pyrenees, whence he returned to England.

“It was as he was escaping that Mr Barclay presented his wings to M Ghoris. They will now go on display in the museum.

“Mlle Ghoris, who now lives in Paris, was put in touch with the museum by Mr Barclay’s brother, Richard, whom she managed to trace through the old family home in Cromer, Norfolk.”