Research reveals Chichester to be among least 'smart tech-friendly spots' in the UK

Online mobile phone retailer e2save claim thatChichester is thefourth least smart tech-friendly spot in the UK, tied with Oxford.
Online mobile phone retailer e2save claim thatChichester is thefourth least smart tech-friendly spot in the UK, tied with Oxford.

Chichester residents are among the least likely to live in a ‘smart home', according to new research.

Online mobile phone retailer e2save claim that Chichester is the fourth least smart tech-friendly spot in the UK, tied with Oxford.

An e2save spokesman said: "Research reveals Chichester has the fourth lowest ownership of smart home tech

"According to YouGov data, two-thirds (66 per cent) of people agree that technology changes their life for the better. Yet many Chichester residents admit to missing out on these benefits as only a mere 0.18 per cent have incorporated smart tech into their home."

Based on residents’ ownership of smart tech, the UK’s top five ‘smartest’ tech locations, are; Birmingham (1.45 per cent), Leeds (1.18 per cent), Cornwall (1.15 per cent), Edinburgh (0.93 per cent) and Country Durham (0.91 per cent)

The same research suggests the UK’s bottom five smart tech locations are; Gloucester (0.14 per cent), Stirling (0.16 per cent), St Albans (0.17 per cent), Oxford - (0.18 per cent) and Chichester - (0.18 per cent).

The spokesman added: "Of the Chichester residents that do make use of smart tech, over half (54 per cent) say it changes their life for the better. What’s more, a quarter (23 per cent) say that being able to give verbal commands to a digital assistant is a huge time saver."

Nicola Fulstow, managing director of technology company SONA, said: “Smart tech can impact your life positively in terms of health, well-being, convenience, security and productivity if you identify how it can enhance your current habits and lifestyle at home. What’s more, automated lighting and thermostats have many benefits when it comes to saving money on monthly bills, so what more could you really want?”

According to e2save, when asked about their thoughts on the future of smart tech, two thirds of people in Chichester (66 per cent) believe AI is the next step in evolution, and over half (55 per cent) are 'convinced that robots will become a part of people’s lives' and help with most of our daily tasks.

Joe Linnington, mobile expert at e2save, said: “The future of smart tech is very exciting and it’s great to see how many people all over the nation have already embraced smart devices to make their personal and home life a breeze.”

How you can easily incorporate smart tech into your household

In light of the research, e2save put together four tips on how people can easily incorporate smart tech into the household:

- Ease yourself into it - Smart tech can be great, but there’s no need to go full Jetsons right away! If you have a smartphone, try out the digital assistants like Siri or Google Now by using voice commands to play some music, set an alarm, or text a friend. That way, you can get a taste of the technology without even having to buy anything.

- Decide on your ecosystem - Google, Amazon and Apple, among many others, all over smart home capabilities, so make sure you check your devices are compatible. For example, if you have an Apple phone and computer, it would make sense to make sure your smart devices will work with apple’s Home app.

- Start with the essentials - A smart speaker is a great entry point into smart tech, as they allow you to give commands from anywhere in the room. Popular examples are Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod and the Google Home device, all of which have versions at different price points and with different abilities, so shop around for which one is right for your home.

- Don’t go overboard - While some of the devices and capabilities might seem fun, remember that smart tech is all about making your life easier, so stick to items that you’ll actually need. Technology has some amazing applications above just playing music and turning on lights.