£40,000 upgrade at Fernhurst church

St Margaret's Church
St Margaret's Church

THERE has always been a warm welcome at St Margaret’s Church, Fernhurst but now it will get even warmer with £40,000 plans to renew and reinvigorate the boiler and heating systems.

The current boiler is in a mini-cellar below the church which has flooded over the last few years. It is also very old and spare parts are increasingly difficult to find. The old-fashioned heating is through pipes which are above floor level rather than more effective radiators.

There is also a need for better organised storage space, running water and flexible space without pews for activities.

Plans include moving the Lady Chapel forward utilising the riddle posts rediscovered in storage, placing the boiler in the space behind, removing the pews from the south transept, replacing the heating pipes with radiators and levelling the floor making wheelchair access all around possible.

Fundraising is planned instead of using reserves.