£8,000 grant for Stedham sports club

A SPORTS club’s plans for a pavilion and clubhouse have won financial backing from their parish council.

Stedham with Iping Parish Council has voted to give a grant of up to £8,000 to Stedham Sports Association for the project, which will provide the facility on the village sports field.

Councillors decided to give a helping hand to the scheme after hearing three architects had submitted proposals, two of which had been for a fixed fee of £8,000 to include all drawings and the planning application process.

The parish council agreed to commission an architect to go ahead with the work, provided the maximum cost was no more than £8,000.

As part of the selection, a parish meeting is to be today (Wednesday, October 12).

Rival architects have been asked to produce a sketch of what they see the pavilion looking like which will be up for discussion at the meeting.

The drawings will be exhibited at the meeting at 7.30pm in Stedham Memorial Hall.

People from across the community will be able to voice their opinions and ask questions about the scheme.