80-year-old Midhurst woman rescued from flood

AN 80 year old woman who was left stranded in flood water with a disabled friend, said she was rescued by two unnamed knights in shining armour.

Now Joyce Weston from Oakhurst, Midhurst, wants to thank her rescuers through the columns of the Observer because she does not know who they were.

Joyce had picked up her disabled friend, who is paralysed down one side, from Fernhurst in her Nissan Micra, to take him for a drive in the country last Monday.

“We went along Vann Road and through Redford and then came down towards Woolbeding Bridge,” she told the Observer.

“The road was completely flooded and I don’t really know why I carried on, but I got almost to the middle when the car conked out.

“We were there for about quarter of an hour and I had telephoned the RAC when this gentleman came along the other way and kindly said he would go home, get a tow rope and haul us out. He said he would be about 20 minutes.

“We were very grateful and then another man came along in a small truck with a winch and he towed us out of the water in just a few minutes.”

The RAC then towed the car to Midhurst as water had flooded into the engine and they were unable to get it started.

“I want to say a big thank you to the very kind gentleman who towed me out of the flood water,” said Joyce. “I also want to apologise to the gentleman who went home to get his tow rope.

“I am so sorry he had a wasted journey.”

Joyce who was 80 years old on New Year’s Eve said being trapped in the flood water had been a shock and she was very grateful to her rescuers.