Abuse at Fittleworth v Amberley football match – charges issued

CHARGES have been issued following alleged racist abuse at a football match between Fittleworth Reserves and Amberley FC.

Referee Samantha Leo reportedly left the field in tears at the end of the game, after having been abused by individuals from the Amberley camp.

Sussex County FA confirmed on Tuesday that the charges had been issued, but did not name the individuals involved, as the case was still ongoing.

The match of February 23, which was described afterwards by Amberley FC club secretary Matt Johnson as a ‘high-impact and physically demanding derby game’, led to Fittleworth villagers contacting the Observer.

A spokesman for Sussex County FA confirmed in early March the referee’s match report had been received and was being investigated.

This week, he said the report had been acted upon, but there was nothing ‘concrete’ to say yet as it was an ongoing process.

Fittleworth FC did not make a complaint to the county FA after the game.

Club chairman Mike Stanbridge said at the time the club did not condone any of the behaviour that was believed to have occurred at the game, and would support the referee in whatever action she took.

The West Sussex Football League Division 5 Central game in February finished 3-2 to Fittleworth Reserves, and was the club’s first league defeat since the start of September.