Amazing rescue of dog stuck on barbed wire for two days

When Katie Read lifted her five-year-old black labrador Mungo off a barbed wire fence at Black Down near her Lurgashall home, he was barely alive.

He had been hanging upside down, a foot off the ground, for four days, too traumatised to bark for help.

But his life was saved by two 11-year-old boys, James Wright and Callum Maytham, who were exploring the area while on their Easter holiday.

"We are just so grateful to those two boys, without a doubt they saved his life," said Katie.

"When they found him it was a horrific sight, but they were very calm, got him water, called for help and were absolutely amazing, we are hugely grateful to them."

"We lost Mungo while we were out on a family walk on Good Friday," said Katie.

"We kept looking for him every day and night, after 24 hours we thought he had ben stolen, but we kept on searching."

Katie and her husband Nick plastered the area in signs and contacted the local radio station and the Midhurst and Petworth Observer.

And on the Tuesday afternoon she received a call from the father of one of the boys to say they had found her dog.

She believes he had chased a deer and become caught when he tried to jump the high barbed wire fence.

"As soon as he saw me he just closed his eyes," said Katie, "He was absolutely exhausted, but so grateful to have been found.

"The vet said he was close to death, he was dehydrated, badly injured and it would have been only a matter of hours.

"He had dislocated one of his back legs, ruptured all the ligaments and badly damaged the other leg and paw which had been shredded when he struggled. Basically he was a dead dog and we didn't think he would make it through the first night."

But two days later he was transferred to Ockley where orthopaedic veterinary specialists Anderson Abercrombie built Mungo artificial ligaments and now he is recovering back home at Lurgashall.

"He can't walk yet, and we have been told it will be three months before he can put any weight on his back legs, but he is wagging his tail and almost back to his old self," said Katie.

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