An insight into living with dementia

AN insight into the devastating effects of dementia and how to look after those who suffer from it, is on offer at special sessions due to take place in Midhurst next month.

They are being set up by Alzheimer Society dementia champion Andrea Linell who is planning to deliver two short sessions on dementia awareness on April 10 in the Group Room at the Community Hospital Midhurst.

The first sessions will start at 10am and there will be a repeat at 2pm. She is also prepared to deliver sessions to any group who would be interested in knowing more on how to be with people who have dementia in or near Midhurst at any time and any place.

People with dementia and their carers, families and friends are welcome to the sessions which will last between one and two hours.

For more information and to sign up contact her on 01730 816365 or just turn upon the day.