Anchors ahoy as pupils play pirates for Stedham school show

Pupils in pirate costume
Pupils in pirate costume

With swords at the ready and anchors ahoy, Key Stage Two pupils at Stedham Primary School put on a swashbuckling performance.

They entertained the younger members of the school, their families and members of the local community with their production of Pirates of the Currybean.

The play tells the story of Pearl and her children Liza and Jack, whose father is missing, presumed lost at sea.

After falling foul of the pirate Redbeard and his crew, they find themselves aboard a ship before being marooned on the idyllic island of Lumbago in the Sea of Sciatica.

After several mishaps, all ends well with Pearl discovering that her husband has actually for the last few years been on Lumbago as the chief of the tribe, having lost his memory. The family are re-united and the pirates sack their captain Redbeard to replace him with Stanley and his family, ready to face new adventures on the seven seas.

The children performed two matinees and two evening shows across four days.

One local villager commented that they had very much enjoyed the humour of the play while a parent said the singing was outstanding.

Nathan Cella, Key Stage Two teacher who directed the play, said: “I am absolutely thrilled with the hard work and commitment of the children which really paid off.

“They were fantastic; the comedy timing was perfect and everyone that came to watch had a good time.”