Another star joins Fishers Farm Park

The Big Red Tractor Ride at Fishers Farm
The Big Red Tractor Ride at Fishers Farm

AMONG all the star attractions at the award-winning Fishers Farm at Wisborough Green is a new shiny big red tractor.

And by all accounts it seems to be getting as much attention from visitors as many of the animals they come to see.

It is the Massey Ferguson tractor that took part in the spectacular opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games – and now it has taken on another starring role at the children’s adventure park.

The tractor has swapped a supporting role last year in the Olympic Stadium for almost continuous action seven days a week pulling a visitor-packed trailer on a tour around the tourist attraction.

“Both Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors were being used on the farm long before we bought the land and planted soft fruit,” explained Tim Rollings.

“Our first tractor back in 1985 was a Massey and we have remained loyal to the brand through to the present day, having used Massey Ferguson models for our big red tractor rides since they first began.”

In autumn 2012, Tim decided he needed a slightly more powerful tractor to comfortably tow the trailer carrying large numbers of visitors around the outdoor livestock feature attractions.

“I sought advice from our local dealer and was told that the firm had acquired one of the tractors loaned by Massey Ferguson to assist at the
opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” explained Tim.

“That tractor had exactly the power output that we wanted.

“Its unique celebrity status made it a must-have for Fishers Farm Adventure Park and I ordered it the same day.”

Delivered in November, it has been a huge success with visitors and the Rollings family from the outset.

“The tractor’s crowning glory,” said Tim, “is its spacious flat-floor cab which offers excellent all-round visibility, low sound levels and a very comfortable ride.

“Our tractor played a part at the opening of the world’s biggest sporting event.

“I am delighted that it has now taken on a very important and high-profile role within our business and is being appreciated by the thousands of people, young and old, who visit Fishers Farm Adventure Park 
every week.”