Back to the beginnings of Midhurst in new display

THE latest display at the Midhurst Museum in Knockhundred Market goes back to the beginning of the town of Midhurst.

The May display has been put together by one of the museum committee members, Noel Simpson.

The theme of the museum display is Norman and Plantagenet Midhurst.

Mr Simpson told the Observer: “I have researched the castle on St Ann’s Hill and have made a detailed model to scale.

“I have also outlined and found out a lot of information on the de Bohun family who lived there.

“They also owned Todham Manor so I have included a print from the late 18th century, and some notes on its history.

“Sir Frank de Bohun founded Easebourne Priory in 1230 so I have pictures, prints and an outline history.

“I have been working with the Novium museum, Chichester, who have loaned me a large jug dated about 1350 found in Midhurst. They have also supplied pottery, tiles and bones from St Ann’s Hill, the Spread Eagle and Beggar’s Corner. Their collections department have been really helpful.

“There are also other interesting items from my own collection.”