Baking bread at Northchapel


CHILDREN have been putting on their aprons and getting down to some serious kneading and proving.

The experience is all part of Northchapel Primary School’s preparation for harvest festival 
this year.

Headteacher Helen Coleman told the Observer: “This year our theme for our harvest festival is bread-making.

“As part of the children’s studies, Maggie Barlow from Imbhams Farm, in Haslemere, came in during the week to teach the children how to make bread.”

Maggie Barlow and James Halfhide are partners in Imbhams Farm Granary and attend many Sussex farmers’ markets, selling flour for bread-making.

“She helped the children mill the flour and add a head of corn made from dough to a large bread sheaf of wheat,” said Mrs Coleman.

“Then the children got to bake their own bread in the classroom, using a bread-maker.”

Northchapel Primary School held its harvest festival service in St Michael’s Church on Friday when they shared songs they had been learning for the occasion. They also took their harvest hamper boxes to decorate the church.

The boxes were later distributed to the food bank.