Biker killed afer ‘tragic’ error at A285 junction

AN experienced biker died in a ‘tragic’ and ‘extremely unfortunate’ accident when he omitted to brake at a junction outside Petworth.

The inquest of Justin Mackey who died on March 10 was held at Chichester magistrates court on Wednesday, October 17.

Mr Mackey, a vehicle mechanic from Liss, Hampshire, was out riding his motorbike with father, David Mackey, when the accident occured at the junction where the A283 meets the A285.

Mr Mackey senior described how Justin, 41, had been riding in front of him as they were on their way home.

Mr Mackey told the inquest: “I knew there was a junction coming up. I was expecting him to slow down. He made a mistake.

“He just didn’t brake in time. The bike was in an immaculate condition. If there was a problem with the bike he would’ve fixed it.”

Mr Mustafa Sivis was driving down the A285 heading south when the motorbike struck his vehicle. He said: “I didn’t see anything coming from the left. It all happened so quickly, I heard a loud bang and the next thing I knew my car was in a field.”

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Joe Turner, deputy assistant coroner said: “There was bright sun towards the direction of travel. Justin braked only very briefly before colliding with a vehicle.”

Justin had recently returned home after a holiday to Hong Kong. The inquest heard that Justin had only had eight hours sleep in two days.

P.C Roly Watmore said: “It is most likely that fatigue was the prime cause of the lack of reaction at the junction.”

“The signage and warnings at the junction were more than adequate.”