Boots sign in Midhurst dubbed ‘a disgrace’

Boots the chemist has been forced to swallow a bitter pill after heavy criticism from Midhurst town councillors who described its North Street shop as a ‘disgrace’

Reporting on the success of the council’s annual Christmas shop window competition, town clerk Joan Hurtshouse said the only disappointment had been the frontage of the Boots shop.

She said one of the shop window judges had commented she thought the shop was empty.

Town councillor Joan Pursley told the meeting: “It is the worst window in the street. Upstairs there are rags hanging in the window and there is paint peeling off the walls.”

Judith Auchard added: “It is a disgrace to the street. It is in their interests to have the shop smartened up. Perhaps we could write to Boots?

“If you speak to the staff in the shop they say ‘please write in’ because they are as aware as anyone about it.”

Carol Lintott said she understood Rural Towns Co-ordinator Melanie Burgoyne had contacted the chemist about the situation but she believed it would be appropriate for the town council to act as well.

“I have contacted Boots’ head office,” said town councillor Gordon McAra who is also a Midhurst Vision group member.

He said he believed Boots had submitted a plan for improvements which had been turned down because it was a listed building.

“Boots is a complete disgrace – it really is. I went in there this week and there is a window display of little parcels on one side and nothing at all in the other window; they have given up the ghost completely – it’s pathetic.”

It is believed there are plans for a chemist to move into the former Parkland Motors premises on the corner of North Street and Lamberts Lane.