Bridleway changes at East Lavington deferred for site visit

Councillors have deferred an application to build a 225 metre stretch of bridleway opting to take a look at the site before making a decision.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:09 am
Updated Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:13 am

David Jones applied to Chichester District Council for permission to divert the current bridleway, which cuts across his land, west of Fitzlea Wood Road, East Lavington, so that he can design and plan a new home for the site.

Planning officers advised members of the planning committee to refuse the application.

There was plenty of support for the application, during a meeting of the committee on Wednesday (September 19), with comments being read out from a retired Metropolitan mounted police officer, who regularly used the bridleway.

Describing the exit from the current bridleway on to the road as ‘extremely dangerous’, she said: “This is a well-used rat-run where people drive too fast, and riders must step out on a blind spot.

“On numerous occasions, I have been seen a little too late, resulting in near misses. In the interest of rider safety, this diversion would be very well-received.”

Gordon McAra (Ind, Midhurst) said: “What is proposed isn’t the end of the world, it’s just one of the things that happens in the countryside. Things don’t stay still, they move around.”

Former rider Janet Duncton (Con, Petworth) described the old bridleway as coming out on to a ‘very dangerous piece of road’.

She added: “I cannot for the life of me understand why there is an objection. I think this will be a great improvement for horse riders generally.”

It was agreed that a decision would be deferred until members had been able to visit the site.