Bury daredeveil Daniel’s got a juggling act on his hands

C111190-1 Mid Juggler  Photo Louise Adams''Danger man Daniel Gurney.
C111190-1 Mid Juggler Photo Louise Adams''Danger man Daniel Gurney.

Axes, machetes, knives and sickles are tools of Daniel Gurney’s trade.

He juggles with them.

The 19-year-old from Bury also walks on glass, and breathes and eats fire.

That’s when his mum, Jeanette, stands quite close by with a bucket of water to throw over him, as she had to at the recent Bignor Weed and Wildflower Festival when he set light to his hair, scorching his shoulders.

He brushed off the incident saying: “It was a minor accident.

“I didn’t have to go to hospital. I have had worse sunburn really.

“I occasionally get a cut finger when I’m juggling with knives or machetes but it’s all part of being a risk performer.”

Daniel’s enthusiasm for juggling began when he was about 12.

His mother said it stemmed from living in a rural village where there was not much for a lad to do.

“It just went on from there,” said Daniel.

“I found a lot of information on the internet and I have read a few books.

I was taught to fire-breathe by a professional.”

The former pupil of Herbert Shiner School, Petworth, and Midhurst Grammar works part-time at Amberley Tea Room while waiting for what he hopes will be his big break into professional entertainment.

“I would like to earn my living doing this,” he said.

“I have a show which I perform at pubs and things like weddings and birthday parties.”

The act includes a finale with fellow performer Steve Reed, who blows 20ft high flames off the top of Daniel’s head.

No wonder his mother Jeanette, who has recently become his agent, has some anxious moments.

“He wants to move on to walking on a bed of nails so I am getting a bit worried,” she confessed.