Business editor comment

AS we move into the prime tourism season across Chichester District, the arrival of the new Novium museum which opens next week is being heralded with understandable excitement in many quarters.

Having been fortunate to gain a behind-the-scenes view of the site (see this week’s second section of the Observer), it is indeed a much-needed facility that is set to show off the area’s rich history in some style.

With a grand total of £7m having been invested in the site, the council is hopeful it will claw back much of its investment through the sale of the former site and use of some of the new location in Tower Street for housing regeneration purposes.

As district councillor Myles Cullen revealed, it has been a long road to achieving the full ambition of the museum’s designers, but he believed it had most definitely been worth the wait for it.

The arrival of the impressive new centre comes as the city prepares for major celebrations with the arrival of the Olympic flame.

Such a mood of celebration is likely to be extremely welcome to many hard-pressed businesses in the city.