Concern voiced over possible loss of Pulborough Post Office service

VILLAGERS in the area surrounding Pulborough are concerned they will lose vital services if the town’s Post Office is downgraded.

Their fears stem from an announcement that the Post Office looks set to be moved to the smaller Londis store, also in Lower Street, at Pulborough, from next month.

A year-long trial is planned by Post Office Limited, if the results of a consultation running with post office users this month are favourable.

The current service is operated by Magnum MBC Stationary and Office Supplies under a temporary arrangement with Post Office Limited.

That deal was reached when the contract with the former sub-postermaster came to an end.

The move to the smaller premises means the counter will offer fewer services – no transactions over £1,000, no business banking or holiday currency, no large remuim Bond sales or encashments, and no large cash deposits or withdrawals.

Defending the concept, Post Office Limited argues the current base in Lower Street is under-used.

But Fittleworth resident Patrick Scott says many like him, come from outside the town because they don’t have their own village Post Office: “I use it because about a year ago due to bereavement, we lost our village shop and Post Office at the same time.

“And while the Post Office has agreed to reinstate full status to Fittleworth should the village shop be re-opened, we have temporarily lost that facility.”

Mr Scott also expressed his fears for the elderly missing out if it goes ahead.

“It does affect a lot of the community,” said Mr Scott, “because many people do need the facillity of a post office on their doorstep.”