Increase in Petworth ‘A’ boards concern

PETWORTH town councillors fear the increasing number of ‘A’ boards advertising shops is beginning to pose a problem in the town.

Chris Duncton told fellow councillors: “I am concerned about the number of boards.

“It can be a job to get past. I do believe it has gone a bit over the top.”

He said not only were they on the pavements, but were also being stuck to walls.

“If they obstruct part of the highway,” he told town councillors, “then it becomes a legal issue.”

Fellow town councillor Chris Kemp told the meeting he did not want to be “anti-business” but the issue could get out of control on what were acknowledged to be narrow pavements in Petworth.

He said a happy medium had to be struck between the needs of pedestrians and the needs of businesses.

Chairman of the town council’s Traffic and Planning committee Neville Fox said his members were aware of the situation and wanted to check out the legal position before deciding what to do.