Out-of-control flyposting is spoiling Midhurst

MIDHURST town councillors are waging war against the growing number of signs which have appeared without permission across the town.

Colin Hughes, told fellow members of the council this week: “Midhurst looks like a third world country, not the old West Sussex market town it really is and it’s not good enough.”

He told the Finance and General Purposes Committee he was horrified at the “unprecedented number of signs which proliferate around the town” both on lamp posts and on the streets which advertised everything from strawberries and cherries to carpets and road closures in other towns.

“It’s getting out of control and it really is spoiling the town,” he said.

“When you come into the town and see signs telling you certain road are blocked, then discover they are not even in this town, it’s unbelievable.”

Town clerk Joan Hursthouse told the meeting anyone who wanted to attach signs to lamp posts in the town was first required to get a structural test carried out on the lamp post.

She said most signs currently on posts in the town were there without permission.

Few people sought permission with the exception of the convent which in the past had always asked first.

But Mrs Hursthouse told the meeting many signs in the town were basically just flyposting.