Superfast broadband set to arrive in Midhurst

NEW superfast optic fibre broadband is scheduled to be installed in the Midhurst exchange street cabinets by June.

Midhurst’s Chichester district councillor Gordon McAra said BT planned to carry out the work by June and it was likely that the entire town and much of Easebourne would be included. 

“Broadband loses its speed as you get further away from the telephone exchange,” he said.

“And the upgrade essentially moves the telephone exchange to where the cabinet is, giving faster more reliable speeds.”

He said villagers in other parishes in the area, connected to the Midhurst exchange should contact BT to find out if they are to be connected and press their case if they are not included.

Cllr McAra said: “This is great news and hopefully, this will also include some of the areas around the town.

“A town like Midhurst needs to have access to superfast broadband to help build up its economic base by attracting smaller businesses to the area, which rely on it for internet sales.

“It is also an opportunity for the surrounding parishes to lobby BT to be included in the upgrade.”

West Sussex County Council now has a £6.26m government grant to help provide a target of superfast broadband across 90 per cent of the county.

“Again, parish councils should contact the county council to see if they can receive any grants to help with establishing decent broadband in their area,” said Cllr McAra.

For those areas unlikely ever to get fast broadband, Ofcom had unveiled plans to bring broadband access to rural ‘not-spots’. It wanted to ensure, next generation super-fast 4G mobile spectrum would cover 98 per cent of the UK