VOTE: Will you be collecting your Midhurst Pounds?

THE Midhurst Pound has continued to gain national press attention this week, and even Queen of Shops Mary Portas has commented on the scheme.

She praised Midhurst on social networking site Twitter, and said: “Good for you Midhurst. Great to see you on the @BBCNews with your shopping initiative, the #MidhurstPound. Positive actions = good reactions.”

John Quilter, of the Midhurst Town Team, the organisation which came up with the initiative, said: “It is certainly getting lots of attention. We have had publicity from far and wide, even reaching Belfast.

“People have come up to me and said this has put Midhurst on the map.

“The reaction within Midhurst itself has been very good, everybody is talking about it.

“Not only that, but we now have recognition from the Queen of Shops!”

Some big cities have their own currency, but Midhurst has gained attention for launching the scheme in a small market town.

Collect your Midhurst Pounds from participating shops in the town.


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