Busking for charity in Fernhurst


CHRISTMAS came early to Fernhurst when four youngsters decided to use their musical talents to play carols and raise funds for charity.

Livvy Le Butt played the saxophone while her friends Olivia Earley, Emily Jones and Libby Powell played the flute.

They had an original idea of playing carols outside the vegetable shop to raise money for Winston’s Wish, a charity that helps bereaved children and has been an incredible support to Livvy and Poppy Le Butt who lost their father to cancer last year.

Their younger sisters Poppy Le Butt, Maisie Powell and Isabella Earley were very busy selling cakes.

The sun shone as they played and trade was brisk.

In just over an hour they raised more than £300 which was far more than the target of the entrepreneurial girls which was £100.