Call for safety measures at danger junction in Petworth

AN URGENT call for safety measures at the junction of Station Road and Dawtrey Road in Petworth has been made before someone is injured.

Les Hellier, who lives close to the junction, urged town councillors at their meeting on Thursday to help residents after he told them the junction was ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

He told the meeting: “The situation has got worse since the new housing was developed in Station Road.

“When you decide to come out of the junction, you have to go at once because cars come down the road at a rate of knots and don’t think that anyone might be coming out of the junction.”

He said he believed traffic lights would be the safest solution, but acknowledged the request was unlikely to be taken up by West Sussex County Council’s highways officers.

Mr Hellier asked town councillors to support a bid for a mirror at the junction to improve safety.

Chairman of the town council’s traffic and planning committee Neville Fox told Mr Hellier he entirely agreed with his sentiments.

“When we saw the plan for the area we were concerned about the sight lines in Dawtrey Road and we were assured the sight lines were in accordance with county council guidelines and were perfectly adequate.

He told Mr Hellier: “I agreed with you entirely, I go over that junction every day and I take my life in my hands.

“We have raised this matter but I am sorry to say until something happens no action will be taken.”

Mr Fox told the meeting: “The junction doesn’t qualify for traffic lights so what do we do?”

He said he hoped the pedestrian crossing planned further up the road would slow traffic down.”

But Mr Fox said he was not convinced a mirror would help as motorists could put themselves in danger if they looked just at the mirror and not at the road itself.”