Calls for Midhurst residents to help fight cancer

NHS Blood and Transplant
NHS Blood and Transplant

NHS Blood and Transplant is calling on Midhurst residents to help those in need on World Cancer Day.

World Cancer Day takes place on February 4 this year and people from around the world are being encouraged to get involved in the fight against cancer.

There will be a blood donation session at the Midhurst Methodist Church in North Street on Thursday, February 5 from 1.45pm until 4.30pm and 5.30pm-8pm.

Blood and platelets are crucial in the treatment of cancer patients. Due to the cancer or treatment including chemotherapy or radiotherapy, cancer patients can develop anaemia or have a reduced number of platelets in their blood. A blood or platelet transfusion can give a patient more energy and improve their quality of life.

NHS Blood and Transplant particularly needs to ensure supplies of the universal blood group O Rh Negative which is often in short supply, as well as rarer blood groups A Rh Negative, B Rh Negative and AB Rh Negative.

To book an appointment to donate visit or call 0300 1232323.

There will be more sessions around Midhurst and Petworth throughout the year.