Campaign makes it easier for you to support good causes

Summersdale Afternoon Club provides a place for older people in the area to go
Summersdale Afternoon Club provides a place for older people in the area to go

A NEW campaign got off to a flying start on Monday, promising a big boost for charities and community groups in the Chichester area.

The Summer of Giving campaign aims to make it easier to support good causes on your doorstep – and with 27 charities and community groups signed up, it will mean £10,000 provided in match funding.

The scheme will see match funding offered each time donors set up a direct debit to a Chichester district community group who have a page on

Donors must pledge a minimum of £10 a month for a year to see their money matched by Voluntary Action Arun and Chichester (VAAC), working in partnership with Sussex Community Foundation, Chichester District Council and Chichester in Partnership. Coupled with Gift Aid, the scheme could turn a regular £10 monthly donation into £270 over the course of a 

All the charities and community groups signed up to the campaign can be found at, which links through to donation pages where payments can be easily made online.

VAAC will be offering a look at some of these deserving causes while the Summer of Giving is running...

Summersdale Afternoon Club:

Operating for over 30 years, Summersdale Afternoon Club provides a place for older people in the area to go. Many attendees of the Afternoon Club live alone or are not able-bodied and, without this service, would otherwise be completely isolated.

Having the opportunity engage with the other attendees of Summersdale Afternoon Club means they can continue to be a part of the community and have the chance to develop friendships and engage with each other – as well as some of the young students who volunteer at the club.

The club provides transport for those unable to travel alone and depends on the weekly subs paid by their members. But additional funding means the members of the club can enjoy an outing occasionally, or even a bit of a knees up at Christmas!

As well as relying on funding, the club is keen to attract volunteers who may be able to help set up the club each week – and who may also be interested in joining with discussions and the occasional game of Scrabble! Just £10 per month would cover the cost of a minibus for the occasional outing.

Fernhurst Youth Club:

Fernhurst Youth Club has an impressive history, having opened originally in 1958. Offering a club twice a week means local children between the ages of seven and their mid-teens have somewhere to go, where they can meet and play safely.

The club sees on average 40 children each week and if the club didn’t operate, most children are likely to be seen playing around the village which is located on the A286. Without supervision, this is undoubtedly unsafe and so the value of the club is felt by children, parents and teachers alike. As well as providing a haven, the club runs activities and classes which support the children’s interpersonal and communication skills, teaching them collaboration and encouraging them as positive members of the local community.

Fernhurst Youth Club depends entirely on donations and fundraising, having had their support from West Sussex Youth Service recently cut and a donation of just £25 per month would help provide a youth worker for six months.