Can anyone give a home to a Midhurst teapot collection?

Mary Geiss with her teapot collection
Mary Geiss with her teapot collection

THEY come in all shapes and sizes and all 1,000 of them are looking for a new home.

When Mary Geiss and her partner Clive Newell announced the shock closure of Ye Olde Tea Shoppe in Midhurst they had hoped they could sell the collection – a familiar sight on every available shelf.

“I had always understood while individually they were not particularly valuable, as a collection there was a value,” said Mary, “but no-one is interested and the only suggestion was to put a few at a time on eBay.”

Instead Mary has packed them all away: “I have joked I will open a teapot museum and serve cream teas. But I would love someone to make me an offer and give them a good home.”

She has been collecting since she moved to Ye Old Tea Shoppe in 1999: “There was one large white papier mache one in the window and it looked so bare, I decided to surround it with tea pots and rued the day. The word got out and family and customers have added to the collection.”

Among the more unusual teapots are a handbag, chef’s table and a sewing machine.

Anyone interested should contact Mary at