CD Racers at Petworth Fete in the Park

A tense moment for young racers last year SUS-140906-154344001
A tense moment for young racers last year SUS-140906-154344001

BUDDING young engineers are needed for this year’s Petworth Fete in the Park.

The CD Racer event requires entrants to build a model car using CDs for wheels.

There is no entry fee and last year’s top prize was a radio-controlled car worth £75.

A combination of skill and creativity is necessary for the fun competition, with classes for children and adults.

All you have to do is construct a racing car at school or at home and take it along to the event.

The constructed model must have no engine – it is powered purely by the slope of the ramp. The racers are released at the top of the ramp and the winner will be the car that gets to the bottom first.

Heats are against other competitors – not the clock.

The racer can be any shape, as long as it conforms to the rules in the briefing sheet.

There is also a prize for the most attractive car in each group.

There are three classes – 8-11 years, 12-17 years and 18 years/adult.

Each class will have prizes for first, second and third.

Registration is from 11.30am and heats will start at 1pm. The fete will take place on July 12 in Petworth Park. Ring Neil on 07974 932335 or email for details about the CD Racer event.