Celebration at Fernhurst post box return

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A LETTERBOX in Fernhurst has been restored to its rightful position after an attempted theft.

Residents were overjoyed at the return, but many were surprised at the work involved in replacing it.

The original postbox was built into a short length of wall which was badly damaged by sledgehammer-wielding thieves who were interrupted in their attempted theft last September.

The interruption by dog walker John Spiers enabled the Royal Mail to keep the box.

A petition was started in January and supported by Fernhurst Parish Council for the box’s reinstatement.

And now a new and shiny box is back, a mere six feet away from the original site.

In January, the Observer reported thieves had targeted a number of post boxes in the area, hoping to sell the them for scrap metal.

The new postbox was placed on a small pedestal, as opposed to back into the wall.

Because of the shortage of boxes of that size, one had to be ordered specially.