Chichester District Council election candidates announced


THE full list of candidates for the Chichester District Council elections on May 7 has been released this afternoon.

Six of the 29 wards are uncontested.

They are Boxgrove where Tory Henry Potter returns unopposed, Conservative John Ridd holds his seat at Donnington, fellow Tory Paul Jarvis is unopposed at North Mundham, Tricia Tull retains her Tory seat at Sidlesham, Conservative Simon Oakley face no opposition in Tangmere and veteran politician Mark Dunn holds Westbourne for the Tories.

Nominations in the remaining 23 wards are:

Bosham (two seats): Myles Cullen (Con), Gillian Gardiner (Lib Dem) Penny Plant (Con)

Bury (one seat): John Elliott (Con), David Hares (Lib Dem)

Chichester East (three seats): Quentin Cox (Lib Dem), Thomas Dempster (Con), Ben

Earnshaw-Mansell (Lab), Tony French ((Lib Dem), Les Hixson (Con), Jane Kilby (Con), Michael Woolley (Lib Dem).

Chichester North (three seats): Peter Budge (Con), Tony Dignum (Con), Simon Lloyd-Williams (Con), Edith Pingree Rogerson (Green), Susan Shord (Lab), Barbara Stewart-Newell (Lib Dem), John Turbefield (Lib Dem)

Chichester South (three seats): Alan Chaplin (Lib Dem), Pam Dignum (Con), Thom French (Green), Nigel Galloway (Con), Len Macey (Con), Jasper Richmond (Green), Anne Scicluna (Lib Dem), Sarah Sharp (Green), Ray Webb (Lib Dem)

Chichester West (two seats): Clare Apel (Lib Dem), Martyn Bell (Con), Andrew Emerson (Patria), James Hobson (Lab), Janet Miller (Lab), Richard Plowman (Lib Dem), Julia Willshire (Con)

Easebourne (one seat): David Coote (Lab), Francis Hobbs (Con).

East Wittering (two seats): Ian Curbishley (Con), Patricia Hunt (UKIP), Joe O’Sullivan (Lab), Martin Silcocks (UKIP), Susan Taylor (Con)

Fernhurst (two seats): Marcus Adams (Ind), Jeremy Bonnett (Lib Dem), Norma Graves (Con), Phillippa Hardwick (Con), David Martin-Jenkins (Lib Dem), Andrew Moncreiff (UKIP), John Smith (Lab)

Fishbourne (one seat): Polly Gaskin (Green), Nigel Hogben (Con), Sandra Westacott (Lib Dem)

Funtington (one seat): John Rankin (Lib Dem), Julie Tassell (Con).

Harting (one seat): Nigel Johnson-Hill (Con), Andrew Shaxson (Ind)

Lavant (one seat): Mike Hall (Con), Andrew Smith (Lib Dem)

Midhurst (two seats): Danielle Dunfield (Con), Judith Fowler (Lib Dem), Margaret Guest (Lab), Gordon McAra (Ind), Steve Morley (Ind)

Petworth (two seats): Janet Duncton (Con), Paul Ingram (UKIP), Denise Jones (Lab), Eileen Lintill (Con)

Plaistow (two seats): Philip Colmer (Lib Dem), Raymond Cooper (Lib Dem), Denise Knightley (Con), Nicholas Thomas (Con)

Rogate (one seat): Becca Grey (Green), Gillian Keegan (Con), Elena McCloskey (UKIP)

Selsey North (three seats): Andrew Brown (Ind), John Connor (Con), Margaret Dyer (Lab), Peter Gibbs (Green), Carol Purnell (Con), Darren Wakeham (Con)

Selsey South (two seats): Roger Barrow (Con), Ian Bell (Lab), John Elliott (Con)

Southbourne (three seats): Jonathan Brown (Lib Dem), Bruce Finch (Con), Robert Hayes (Con), Graham Hicks (Con), Matthew Leeming (Lib Dem), Adrian Moss (Lib Dem)

Stedham (one seat): John Cherry (Ind), Caroline Neville (Con)

West Wittering (two seats): Graeme Barrett (Con), Gordon Churchill (Lab), Elizabeth Hamilton (Con), Laurie Pocock (Ind), Tom Severn (Green), Andrew Wilson (Ind)

Wisborough Green (one seat): Kay Fletcher (Green), Josef Ransley (Con), Roger Wood (Lib Dem)

The election will take place on Thursday May 7 and polling station will be open from 7am-10pm