Chichester’s Pub in the Park festival – residents react to theatres’ concerns around noise

News that Chichester Festival Theatre has raised concerns about the potential impact of noise from a three-day festival in Oaklands Park has sparked debate among readers.

Friday, 17th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Pub in the Park
Pub in the Park

The council’s Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-committee will consider whether to grant a license for Pub in the Park at a meeting on Thursday.

In a submission to the council, Chichester Festival Theatre has expressed concern that ‘noise bleed from the live music into the Theatre auditoriums could be hugely disruptive’.

Kathy Bourne, Executive Director of Chichester Festival Theatre, said she supported the idea of the event coming to the city, but said: “Our concern is solely for our audiences who, having paid for their tickets, expect to enjoy a production without noise interruptions.”

Pub in the Park

Many readers expressed sympathy for Chichester Festival Theatre.

Commenting on the news online, Matthew Somerton-Rayner said: “I’ve been in the theatre when there have been events taking place in Oaklands Park and the noise does seep into the auditorium.”

Iain Jessup agreed: “The theatre is not noise proof and at £40 + a ticket I wouldn’t want my enjoyment spoiled by the event...

“The theatre makes good points and when I’ve been in a performance you can sometimes hear sirens.”

He suggested moving it to Priory Park instead, but said it was ‘possibly a no win situation’.

Judy Hill said: “There is no way the local residents will support this to take place in Priory Park.

“Often in their objections they suggest Oakland’s Park as a much more suitable location.

“Seems there’s no site in the city suitable for locals to enjoy events like these.”

However others were more confident that a solution could be found.

Peter Lincoln said: “It’s hardly Glastonbury is it! I’m sure they’ll find some way of stifling it though!”

And Emma Cooper said of the Pub in the Park event: “It will be so good for Chichester! Why does someone always have to complain about something!

“I know a lot of people who have already said they can’t wait for it!”

The council’s Environmental Protection Team has asked for a Noise Management Plan to be submitted by organisers for approval prior to the festival, according to a council report.

Members of the team are set to liase with consultants on site and agree adequate noise controls for the event before the plan is drawn up.

The committee is due to consider the application at a meeting at 10am on Thursday (January 23).

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