Children learn about disability at Wisborough Green


CHILDREN and staff from Wisborough Green Primary School found out what it’s like to live with a disability when they spent two days with JustDifferent.

The charity aims to increase understanding about disability and difference in a positive way and ran a series of interactive workshops 
at the school which have been designed for children between four to 11 years.

The workshops included real-life story-telling, using wheelchairs, quizzes and a question and answer session.

The workshops were led by Alison Wright who was born with short arms as a result of her mother taking a prescribed drug called Thalidomide during pregnancy.

But it has not stopped her achieving many things, including silver medals in the paraplegic games in the 1970s for running, table tennis and high jump.

She also won numerous awards at competition level in horse riding.

Alison said: “We know the earlier children and young people learn about disability and difference, the more likely they are to accept people like me, as they get older.

“We aim to create better understanding of disability issues, give children and young people the chance to ask questions and have fun.”