Christmas baby Georgia named after an angel

One Southbourne family received the most angelic present this Christmas '“ baby Georgia.

Wednesday, 28th December 2016, 3:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:44 pm
Baby Georgia with sister Phoebe

Georgia Seraphina King was born at St Richard’s on December 25 at 3.03pm to parents Christine and Chris, who chose the middle name ‘Seraphina’ after an angel to mark the special day.

Mum-of-two Christine said: “We wanted something with a Christmas association but more different that something like Holly.”

The 32-year-old added that the day has even more significance for her husband and her.

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She said: “Christmas Day is already special to us – my husband Chris and I got engaged on Christmas Day five years ago.

“I think my engagement anniversary will be overlooked now and filled with birthday parties instead.”

Christine continued to say that she still managed to enjoy a calm Christmas morning with her eldest daughter, Phoebe, before heading to hospital.

“I stayed at home with her until midday and then Phoebe was taken to spend the rest of the day with other family and I went to St Richard’s at 12.40,” Christine added.

“It wasn’t rushed in the morning, she wasn’t coming straight away but I knew it was happening.

“It was less than three hours after getting to hospital that she was born.”

Baby Georgia was born at a healthy 7lbs and 13oz and is now home in Main Road, Southbourne with her doting sister Phoebe.

She was one of four babies born at St Richard’s on Christmas Day, one of whom arrived at one minute past midnight.

Christine, who works at Canine Partners in Midhurst, added: “I love Christmas anyway, so it makes the day even more special for me, I will make sure she gets a half birthday in the summer so she has a day all to herself.

“I have already told my family that they can’t wrap any of her presents in Christmas wrapping paper.”

Christine continued to say that there has been lots of excitement in the King household over the past week, but fortunately lots of friends and family have been on hand to help.

She said: “It is all still very exciting for Phoebe to have Christmas Day and now a new sister so we are just trying to keep everything calm.”