Classic car destroyed in fire at Kingsley Green

Burned-out 1968 Reliant Scimitar
Burned-out 1968 Reliant Scimitar

A BURNED-out husk is all that remained after a classic sports car burst into flames while out on the road.

The 1968 Reliant Scimitar caught fire as it was being driven through Kingsley Green, near Haslemere.

The driver was able to pull into a lay-by, however it was not long before the British car was beyond saving from complete destruction.

Surrey Fire and Rescue crews based in Haslemere attended the blaze and were able to extinguish the flames, albeit too late to preserve the vehicle.

The car’s owners were unhurt in the incident.

They were from Midhurst and had owned the car for ten years, but did not wish to be named.

The car did contain a fire extinguisher, however it was located in the boot and so was little use when it came to putting out the flames.

Watch manager Bennett said: “We needed two sets of breathing apparatus and two hoses to put out the fire, but it would be rare for a car to explode, despite what people think.”