Computer game depicts a Chichester at war

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LAVA is flowing around Chichester Cathedral and all-out war has broken out by the post office.

These are just some of the eye-catching scenes created by Chichester College students as part of a computer game with the city at its heart.

Bernadette Manning, the course leader, said the students had been hard at work dreaming up the concept art for the game.

“There’s always a big smile on my face when I see some of the things they’ve produced,” she said.

The 19 students are on the college’s animation and computer illustration course, now in its first year, and progress so far has been out of this world.

“It’s really a very fun project that’s engaged with everything locally and thinking about it going on to become a game design would be amazing,” said Bernadette.

She said many computer games were built with images being layered upon each other.

For example, taking Chichester Cathedral and superimposing a volcano in the background and molten lava around its base.

“Myself and another tutor, Doug West, came up with setting a game in Chichester because it’s got lovely old buildings and modern buildings,” she said.

The students have also gathered inspiration from local folklore, including information about the original Roman city 
of Noviomagus Reginorum.

The students, aged 16-19, are hard at work on the concept art stage of the project.

“It’s quite engaged them with the local area, using their photography skills and taking those into the computer and using their drawing skills to come up with ideas for characters, environment and objects,” said Bernadette.

Some of the images were ‘fantastic’ and she praised the ‘great creative ideas’ of time portals and futuristic 

“It makes people think so differently about the environment we live in and it has the possibility to go in these different areas.”

One idea behind the game is a quest-style concept based in Chichester’s past, present and future, where portals open up to different times and the game’s character travels through the portals in search of lost artefacts that will save the world.

The game should be complete about June and the hope is to try to market it to be sold in shops.