Council sign thrown onto war memorial

TRAFFIC junk which has been ‘accumulating’ at the end of Penwith Drive in Haslemere is displaying the ‘carelessness’ of the council, according to a Haslemere resident.

Alan English, who lives in Penwith Drive, said he had complained to West Sussex County Council on a number of occasions, but they have ‘refused’ to answer him.

“Over the last three months, 11 pieces of traffic sign junk has accumulated at the bottom of our road where it joins Marley Lane,” said Alan.

“The broken signs warn of ice, flood and broken road surface, and one sign has even been thrown onto the war memorial.

“The place is a tip thanks to the carelessness and sloth of the county council.

“Some of these signs have been there for over three months, and county must be paying the contractor for their rent. I have asked the county council about the cost of all these unwanted signs and they have refused to answer me.

“Apart from all this junk in the photo, there are at least another eight redundant road signs in Camelsdale that have been lying around impeding pedestrians and falling into the way of traffic for the same period.

“I have suggested that if they leave the signs until next winter, they may come into their own again.”

Alan said he had written to county councillor Michael Brown three times, the chief executive and the county highways department.

“Despite all my protests the county council has shown themselves as being unable to act or sort things out,” he said.

“Their complaints department has been very good about telling me who they are going to contact, or how long I will have wait for a reply, or who is on holiday – but nothing actually gets done. And soon Michael Brown will be wanting us to vote for him. You have to admire his optimism.”

West Sussex County Councillor Michael Brown, cabinet member for finance, declined to comment.

West Sussex County Council was not available for comment by the time the Observer went to press on Wednesday.