Couple’s Midhurst home covered in mould

Mould at 35 Meadway, Midhurst
Mould at 35 Meadway, Midhurst

VIRTUALLY every room of a Midhurst couple’s home has been beset by foul-smelling mould.

Anthony Lowry, 42, and Kathleene Watts, 54, live in a property in Mead Way.

There is so much mould in the house even the mattress they sleep on is covered.

“We have to sleep in a wet bed – a soaking wet bed,” said Kathleene.

“It’s disgusting. It smells. We have to have air fresheners and everything.”

The couple moved in a year and two months ago.

They receive disability benefits and were provided accommodation by Hyde Martlet housing association.

A neighbour contacted the Observer and Hyde Martlet as the couple did not want to make a fuss.

“We’ve not phoned them every week. We phone them sporadically every month or two,” Anthony said.

The pair said they loved the area and would not want to move. They were also very grateful for the support they received from their neighbours.

Anthony said: “They’re always there for us,” and Kathleene agreed.

“It’s like one big family round here,” she said.

Hyde Martlet has conducted maintenance work on the building.

A spokeswoman said it was committed to doing everything possible to support the couple and improve their conditions.

She said: “Damp conditions in a home can be caused as a result of condensation which results from everyday living conditions such as cooking, showering, bathing or when an electrical appliance is in a place where there the ventilation is poor. We believe that this is what has happened in this case.”