Crime deputy quits after feeling ‘undervalued’

Steve Waight
Steve Waight

THE Sussex police and crime commissioner’s right-hand man has stepped down after feeling ‘undervalued’ in the ‘onerous’ role.

Steve Waight has been in the £45,000 for just six-months, but announced on Tuesday he would be giving up the job as Katy Bourne’s deputy.

“The first thing to say is that I handed in my notice yesterday, which was one month’s notice,” he said on Tuesday.

“The role of the deputy pcc is quite an onerous role. It’s full time and full-on and when I had my appraisal yesterday, I felt a bit undervalued really. I decided that I would move on and do something else.

“I spoke some weeks earlier to the commissioner about my concerns and she suggested I wait until my six-month appraisal, which I did.

“There was much more stuff to do – it’s a massive role and there’s a massive portfolio of responsibilities. They’re kept very busy and it’s increasing. I didn’t feel fully appreciated.”

Mr Waight was appointed to the job in February despite the panel that scrutinises Ms Bourne’s work deciding not to recommend him for the post.

“I wouldn’t say the police and crime panel were right to not recommend me,” said Mr Waight.

“I have kept an hourly record and have done more than 37 hours a week on average, so I certainly don’t think they were right. I don’t think the panel fully understood what the role was.

“I feel undervalued more on the national stage and felt I wasn’t being fairly treated for what I was doing. I had a good working relationship with the commissioner. You would have to ask her if she was disappointed with my decision and whether she intends to appoint a deputy. ”

Ms Bourne confirmed the decision, and said: “Steve has informed me that, due to personal reasons, he has decided not to continue in his role as deputy.

“This means he will leave the team early September, after working through his notice period.

“I am sorry to see Steve go and would like to thank him for the enormous contribution he has made during the early establishment of my office.

“I wish him every success for the future and look forward to continuing to work with him in his role as a West Sussex county councillor.”