Call for volunteers for Midhurst and Petworth policing team

THE Neighbourhood Policing Team at Midhurst and Petworth is appealing for volunteers to provide extra support across the area.

There are currently more than 100 volunteers helping in police station across the county in a range of roles.

Making the appeal Sgt Chris White, head of the Midhurst and Petworth NPT said: “Volunteering is fun and challenging and offers a unique opportunity for people to develop their skills and experiences, try things they have always wanted to do and learn more about how the Force works.

“In addition they will be be rewarded with a diverse and supportive environment that can bring personal benefits and a huge sense of community involvement.”

He said Police Support Volunteers were important in helping to develop neighbourhood policing and Sussex Police engage and interact more effectively with local communities.

“All kinds of people volunteer, across a wide age range, with a variety of different backgrounds, skills and life experiences. Basically, a Volunteer is a non-uniformed member of the community who helps at police stations or administrative centres, conducting a variety of roles from speed watch or horse watch, through a range of clerical roles to cleaning and checking police vehicles.”

The pressures on a modern police force were enormous, he added, and there was always more that could be done.

“One of the many successful roles which volunteers are performing is the staffing of rural police stations, dealing with enquiries and calling back members of the public and letting them know the result of their call. This provides reassurance and helps build public confidence in the police.

“The role is designed to enhance the work of the police and provide additional support in the area where the volunteer lives or works. This is even more crucial now with the introduction of NPTs. The teams are about local policing - working with the community, to identify and tackle issues of concern within your neighbourhood.”

He said they played an important role in helping police officers and staff who then then able to concentrate on core policing duties: “As a result there are more officers on the streets and improved community support.”

Anyone who would like to discuss this further, should contact Sgt Chris White, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Midhurst and Petworth District, 101 ext.88226 or email: