Conspiracy to supply class A drugs in Chichester results in 'extensive' prison sentences

Three men have been given 'extensive' prison sentences for conspiring to supply class A drugs in Chichester, after a 'very long road' of investigations, police have confirmed.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 8:33 pm
Updated Saturday, 29th September 2018, 7:49 am
(L-R) Samuel Dean, Samuel Blondell and Harry Dean. Courtesy of Sussex Police

Police said Samuel Dean (pictured left), Samuel Blondell (middle) and Harry Dean (right) pleaded guilty to the charges and were convicted at Portsmouth Crown Court on Tuesday (September 25).

According to police, Samuel Dean was chased down and arrested after officers 'spotted a car linked to drugs in Sherbourne Road' in July 2016

A police spokesman said: "Officers followed the vehicle into Hannah Square where the driver decamped the vehicle and attempted to flee.

"Officers chased down Samuel Dean, arrested him and seized the vehicle.

"A search was conducted of the car and cocaine, with a purity of 94 per cent and a street value between £18,560 and £27,840 was discovered.

"Officers also found a quantity of ketamine with a street value of £140 within the vehicle."

Police said 'extensive research' by the Chichester Investigations team was conducted, and it was found that Samuel's brother Harry's name was on a parcel with 360g of ecstasy inside.

The statement added: "Officers were informed by Boarder Force that on August 26 2016 they had intercepted a package, with 360g of ecstasy inside, going to Samuel Dean’s address but with his brother’s name, Harry Dean, on the parcel.

"Officers were then able to link Samuel Dean to Blondell after text message conversations regarding the purchasing of the drugs package were discovered."

Police said Samuel Dean, 20, of Grafton Road, Selsey, was charged with conspiracy to import class A drugs (ecstasy), conspiracy to supply class A drug (cocaine), possession with intent to supply class B (ketamine) and money laundering, receiving a six year and nine month prison sentence.

His brother Harry, 28, of the same address, was charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs (cocaine) and money laundering and was given six years and four months, police said.

Finally, police confirmed that Samuel Blondell, 23, of Church Lane, Eastergate, Chichester, was charged with conspiracy to import class A drugs (ecstasy) and was handed a six year prison sentence.

Ceri Spratt of Chichester Investigations said the case took 'months' of analytical, computer and phone investigations to enable the trio to be charged.

She added: "It has been a very long road with a lot of hard work by Sussex Police but the end result with their sentences has proved it to be worthwhile.

“This should send a strong message to those who deal in drugs that we will use the full extent of our powers, abilities and technology to secure evidence and achieve convictions.

“No one knows their neighbourhood like you and we ask that you report matters of drugs to us immediately.”

Border Force senior officer Steve Jones warned offenders that it will be continuing to 'work closely' with law enforcement partners to bring them to justice.

He said: "Border Force’s close liaison with Sussex Police officers following the interception of the drugs in the postal system proved to be a vital part of this criminal investigation.

"My officers work 24 hours a day at ports, airports and mail sorting centres to disrupt attempts to smuggle illegal substances into the UK.

"We will continue to work closely with law enforcement partners to bring offenders to justice.”