Decision to close Chichester custody centre is criticised

Plans to close Chichester's police custody centre have been branded as short-sighted, as readers have their say.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 1:46 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:10 pm
Chichester's custody centre is set to close. Pictures: Eddie Mitchell

The centre in Kingsham Road is due to shut its doors in November as police say it has the lowest usage of the force’s six custody centres across Sussex.

It was been decided that it would be of operational benefit to maximise the use of Worthing’s custody centre instead, according to Sussex Police.

The decision has been criticised by some readers

The centre was hailed as a high-tech endeavour when it opened not long ago.

But many readers have criticised the move.

Writing on the Observer Facebook page, Bob Kerby said: “Walk around Chichester on a Friday evening and I’m sure you’d find plenty of people to fill it.”

Hazel Denman said: “A city, what’s more a city set to see continuing significant development in the vicinity, with no Custody centre?

“Who’s brilliant idea was that?

“Whatever the usage now and the reasons for it these things always change and once lost, cost much more to reinstate.

“Lets plan for the future not short-term minor monetary savings.”

Some readers called for the building to be put to good use if it cannot continue as a custody centre.

Karolina Hanzevacki said it should be converted into a homeless shelter, while Stephen John Richards said the funds could be put to good use.

He commented: “Close it, then use the money to put more police on the streets.”

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