‘Mindless vandals’ damage week old goalposts which cost Billingshurst Youth FC more than £2,000

‘Mindless vandals’ have damaged goalposts in Billingshurst which were just one week old.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 10:17 am

Chairman of Billingshurst FC’s youth section Colin Mackay said the posts were bought before lockdown but were only erected by volunteers in early April.

He added: “Literally five days later someone has bent the stanchions at the back of them.

“It’s mindless vandals.”

Colin Mackay. Photo: @_Iain_Gibson_

The damaged goalposts cost the club more than £2,000 and were funded thanks to support from a football foundation grant.

And the 44-year-old said he was annoyed to see vandals ‘destroy’ the club’s efforts to improve facilities.

Colin said: “It’s just frustrating.”

He called for parents to instil respect in their children to avoid future incidents like this.

The goalposts were damaged after just one week.

Colin added: “It needs to start at home. Parents need to talk about mindless vandals with their children.”

But the chairman stressed that the culprits could have been any age.

He said: “[The goalposts] are still usable – just about.

“Can we ask people to be more vigilant to vandalism and report it.

“If playing football at Jubilee be more considerate as a new set of goalposts cost over £2000.

“Let’s start stopping vandals in our community better.

“It starts at home talk about the impact to the local community.”