More information about West Sussex crime on CrimeMapper website

A WEBSITE which maps crime has been changed to include further categories in a bit to more accurately show where crime and anti-social behaviour takes place.

CrimeMapper is a website which displays local crime information, allowing members of the public to see what is happening in their local area.

Since October, the public have been able to use the website to see how their force performs in a range of areas like crime rates, quality of service and victim satisfaction.

Now it is possible to map crimes on or near a range of public places like railway stations, nightclubs, parks and shopping areas. The figures are collated on a monthly basis and the data for December will be the first month available using the new more specific locations.

Sussex Police said it is making changes to its own website to make information and data more readily available.

Deputy Chief Constable Giles York said: “Sussex Police understands the need for greater transparency in enabling members of the public to rightly hold us accountable for the decisions we make. People have the right to know how resources are being used and to judge for themselves whether or not they are being used responsibly and in the interest of the local community.

“Sussex Police is currently in the process of publishing a wide range of information, from polices, minutes and financial data, to street-level crime and performance statistics. We are keen to further increase engagement between members of the public and our officers and would welcome any questions people may have relating to the information they find on our website.

“I believe that in making data easier for everyone to access, it opens up the potential for someone to do something incredibly positive with that information that could help change and improve policing.”

Later this year CrimeMapper will be further changed to include what action police have taken after a crime has taken place, from arrest through to conviction.